Discussion Systems


Discussion Systems


  • Versatile digital discussion system can be configured as a wired or wireless system, or as a wired-wireless hybrid system
  • Crystal-clear, 24-bit digital audio processing with 12-band feedback suppressor
  • Easy plug-and-play operation
  • Each ATUC-50CU wired control unit supports a total of 100 ATUC-50DU discussion units, ATUC-50IU integration units, and ATUC-50INT interpretation units*
  • 3 ATUC-50CUs can be linked via Cat5e (or better) cable, providing a wired system with up to 300 DU/IU/INTs*
  • Each ATUC-IRCU infrared control unit supports a maximum of 200 ATUC-IRDU discussion units and 100 ATUC-50DU/IU/INT units
  • Systems can be configured in either daisy chain or ring topology
  • Up to two ATUC-50CU control units can be linked off of the ATUC-IRCU, providing an additional 100 wired DU/IU/INTs per 50CU for a grand total of 500 DU/IU/INTs*
  • Unlike typical UHF wireless systems that broadcast through walls, the ATUC-IR infrared transmission keeps your signals safe and secure, with no information leakage
  • IR transmission does not require any form of frequency coordination
  • Optional ATUC-IRCUDAN infrared control unit model includes Dante™ output with redundancy
  • ATUC-50INT units make it easy to add bi- or trilingual interpretation to a discussion
  • 3 selectable operation modes (Free Talk, Request to Talk, and Full Remote), plus various override settings
  • Built-in WAV and MP3 recorder lets you record to a USB mass storage device
  • Control available through Web Remote interface and third-party IP Control Systems
  • Individual automated gain control (AGC), mic gain and mic EQ for each discussion unit
  • ATUC-IRDU can be powered by one or two LI-240 lithium batteries (available separately) for approximately 6.5 or 13 hours of use
  • ATUC-50IU integration unit mounts discreetly, is compatible with additional microphone models and provides the opportunity for a fully-custom integrated installation
  • ATLK-EXT165 link extender supplies DC +48V power to connected devices, enabling extended cable runs
  • Expandable and scalable system design
*To achieve the maximum number of DU/IU/INTs, you must use ATLK-EXT165 link extenders and have the appropriate firmware version installed on your CU: version 1.6.0 or later for a wired-only system (ATUC-50); version 1.6.4 or later for a hybrid system (ATUC-50/ATUC-IR). Max of six INTs per CU.